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We are an intermediate classroom in an elementary school in British Columbia, Canada. We use our blogs as a place to practise expressing our ideas in writing (and maybe even sound, pictures & video when we're ready). We try to leave thoughtful comments for classmates & other bloggers we visit. Click "comment" to leave your thoughts on any particular article. Comments will be published after I have had a chance to read them.

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teacher: Derek Milloy

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In science class we learned about B.C. resources. Our assignment was to track a B.C. resource to its original form. I chose Canned Salmon to track back. So now you’ll learn about the process of a food you have probably eaten before, Canned Salmon.

First of all, you have to catch and transport the wild salmon to a place where they can salmon. The salmon are caught using a large butterfly net, in that net, a large amount of salmon can be caught. The salmon is transported using boats to the cannery in sea water. Then the salmon from the boats get unloaded and weighed. After that, the fish gets inspected inside out. Then the salmon gets gutted (The guts get taken out) and scaled (The scales get taken off). Also, the salmon gets cut in to small pieces so it fits in the can, and filled, where the salmon can get salt put into it. Before it gets filled, no salt gets put into the salmon so it’s fresh and not tampered with. After the salmon is put into the can, it gets vacuum sealed and packed for guaranteed freshness. It is then inspected again, It is a regulatory requirement that all canned salmon packed in Canada be inspected to ensure that only acceptable quality product enters into commercial trade. Then the can gets labeled according the canning company, and then finally, the canned salmon gets shipped to the store. So next time you grab canned salmon, remember how it’s processed. That concludes my short, but sweet article. Hope you liked my article!

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