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We are learning how to read and write!

by teacher: Kathy Cassidy
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My Reading 06/19/11
Plants 06/18/11
my Writing 06/13/11
Mrs. Cassidy 06/07/11
my Fairy Tale 05/24/11
We got the pheasant egg. 05/09/11
we are geting pheasant. 05/02/11
my adding strategy. 04/21/11
ester eggs. 04/15/11
My cat 04/07/11
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I can compare. 03/28/11
My tiger 03/16/11
ma reading 03/15/11
How to make pancakes 03/09/11
wecens 03/07/11
washing hands 03/01/11
Need and wants 02/11/11
It is 100 day. 02/02/11
100th day 02/01/11
A KITTEN 01/25/11
noo kitten 01/24/11
howlen (Halloween) 01/24/11
Kittens 01/20/11
kitten 01/17/11
Chrismis 01/10/11
My Addition Story 12/27/10
Numbers 12/15/10
christmas 12/14/10
my prezis 12/07/10
my famle 11/30/10
playing 11/23/10
My Reading 11/05/10
OI Of My Candy 11/04/10
halloween 10/27/10
my 5 Senses 10/20/10
Cotton Candy 10/13/10
Numbers 10/08/10
Terry Fox Run 09/28/10
The Lake 09/21/10
Showing a Pattern 4 Ways 09/14/10
Booka 09/07/10

once upon a time 9 kittens wer sleing en then 2 got wacin up how many were left sleping?

Ember's Subtraction Story
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