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We are a sixth grade classroom in a k-12 school in the United States that loves learning and blogging with people from different parts of the world.

by Bryce S. teacher: Mrs. Brown

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 Bryce                                                                                January 11, 2011


          My favorite game is basket ball because I love the sport I play it a lot and my friends play it. The reason I like basketball is because I am good at it, I get to see my friends a lot more and it keeps me out of trouble.

          The reason I like this games is because I get to play a lot. I think I play a lot because I pay attention in practices and know how to play the sport.

          The reason like to see my friends is most of the time after games and practices I get to go to one of their houses and stay over night before the games on Sundays.

          The reason I say “It keeps me out of trouble” is because when I am home I usually do something I’m not suppose to.



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heeyyaa,My name is bryce i love to play sports and love to watch tractor pulls.i love big ford trucksto.i am a very nice and athletic.i have a girlfriend. and i am a big john deere fan..oh yah i like Auburn oklahoma, ohio state , oregon, tcu, nebraska and alabama

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