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Well, yesterday was a surprise snow day, and just think - no school on Monday either.

We just finished a fabulous story about a family that spent their life sailing on the high seas.

ER thought the story was terrific: "My class and I just read about a girl who has been out at sea her whole life. I loved the story, especially the part when there is a storm and the ship was tipped over on its side and they all thought they were going to die. I am glad the ship stood back up!"

AG wrote; "I can't believe some people would live on a boat. That would be hard, because I would not have a single Slim Jim at all! Another bad thing would be that I get sea sick, plus the kids had to go to school six days a week instead of five. I would hate that (no offense.)

Not everyone loved the story. DF gave it two stars: "There was nothing that interested me."  GC thought the parts about the kangaroo falling off the boat and the pig diving into a hot tar pot were unnecessary.

Now we are reading about life in tidal pools ... something Maine children know a lot about.

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