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Dude who stoll my cheeseburger

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by teacher: gordon

Hello I’m WeirdO, and yes that IS a capital “O” at the end of my name. I’m on the run from the English people. They want to burn my spirit, because I can... AGHHHHH! They just saw me! I have to walk across the water to Asia. Oh and they want to burn me because I can walk on water.
I can see the water that will hopefully lead to Asia, a few more minutes and I’ll be there! SPLASH! I hit the water, have to swim up. Balance... and there now I just have to walk all the way to Asia. Let’s eat one of those candy bars I stuffed in my pockets. Mmmm Hersheys bars are really good! SPLASH!

Were am I? No I’m in the town center! This is were they burn people! Better get out of here! Just use my knife to get out of these ropes. SLICE! Wow they took me to the Ocean Village. Balance and there I am walking on the water.
The fish are nibbling my feet, it tickles! Now I have a HUGE problem. There is a huge chunk of land blocking my path to Asia! I have heard no one has ever found the Northwest Passage, so I will take a Southwest Passage!

WOW! Asia is awesome! I will be able to stay here for a very, very long time!
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