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by teacher: Rye Alumni

I learned a lot during the video and class. I learned the eye is a complex structure. It has many parts all serving a different purpose. The eye is more sensitive then a camera. But it can't store all the details you can just get the general picture. Eyes love looking for shapes and things they are used to. They are a pathway to the brain and you intelligence. They give away secrets and emotions. The eye is unique.

The eyes must keep dirt and germs out. Glands located on the top and bottom of the eye both serve different purposes. The top glands produce tears while the bottom produce oil. Your tears rarely overflow. You blink so much your eyes are closed about a hour just from blinking. They are cleaner than anything.

Irises are also very interesting. It was named after the goddess of the rainbow. It is the color of your eyes. It can be blue, green or brown.
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