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On A Boat With My Friends


One day I went to Movenpick with my dad, my sister, my mom, and myself. My dad told me that our friends were coming. I said, “But who?”

He answered, “Mia and Jude.”

    I said, “But I don’t see them anywhere in Movenpick.”

“Because they’re on the boat.”

“ What boat?”

“ We’re going on a boat.”

“ Wow!” I was so excited.

“Thank you, Dad, so much. It is my first time to go on a boat!”

 I was so excited! So I ran as fast as I could, and when we got to where the boats are in Monenpick, I saw Mia and Jude. I went running to them.

I said, “Where is your boat?” 

They pointed to it and said, “It is in front of you.”

When I looked at it, it was so nice. It was so amazing, but it was medium in size. We were going inside, but I said, “Who will go first?”


These guys came to help us settle up the boat and then they help us get up . The last one was my mom. She was so scared, because she doesn’t know how to swim. But she did it. While we were waiting, I asked Mia if there is a bathroom, but she was busy telling her friend what to do with their shells when they find them. I said, “Mia,” and she got scared and jumped.

She said, “What?”

I said, “Does this boat have cool stuff?”

She said, “The cool stuff is all downstairs.

She said, “Follow me and I will show you the cool stuff.”

 I followed her downstairs. There was a table stuck to the wall, and a kitchen, and 2 doors.

 I said, “Cool!” Everything was nice except the 2 doors. They where not normal. I asked Mia, “What’s behind the 2 doors?”

 When she opened 1 of the doors it was a bed that had mirrors around it!

I said, “Wow!”

 Then she opened the 2nd door. It was a bathroom.

 I said, “You have a nice boat.”

 Then we went up. When we went up, the boat was stopping. I said, “Why is the boat stopping?”

 My mom said, “Because we’re here!”

 I said, “The beach is in the middle of the sea?”

“No the guys didn’t answer their phone. So we’re stuck in the middle of the sea.”

Mia and Jude’s dad started to call and call, but they still did not get an answer. We had to wait in the boat until they answered. They never answered so Mia and Jude’s dad changed the beach we were going to go to. Mia and Jude were so mad because they loved the beach more than any beach in the world. Mia and Jude started shouting at their dad. Their dad said, “They are not answering their phone. What can I do about it?”

Mia and Jude said, “Fine, we’ll go to another beach,” in an irritating way.

Then Mia and Jude’s dad called the other beach. They were coming to pick us up on their boat. Then we saw a boat coming fast as the wind. It turned two times and came to us. We put down the stick. We had to balance on it, and jump down on the small boat. The guy put down a heavy thing that held the boat. He stayed on the boat and started to wait for us.

When we got to the beach, I moved the towel and jumped in the pool. I swam and swam and swam until my mom called me to come to the restaurant.

I went to the restaurant and she said, “We are eating here later.”

I said, “Okay” and I went back to the pool. I went to the other side and saw a very cool place. There was water coming down and you could go behind the water fall and watch everyone through the water.  I decided to go there. No one had ever tried it before. When they saw me everyone wanted to try it.

When I was inside the water, I got squished, because a lot of people came. I called Mia and Jude and my sister, CC, to come and try it. After the people went, they said, “No.”

I said, “Fine,” and went to the pool. When I went back everything was full so I couldn’t swim on the fun side. I went back to Mia and Jude and I asked again, “Please, will you come with me to the pool.”

They said, “No.”

When I was leaving Mia, Mia and Jude’s mom came and asked us, “What do you want to eat?”

We all decided on burgers.

Then she said, “Fine.”

After 30 minutes, the food was ready. My mom called me and said, “Call Mia, Jude, and CC, because the food is ready.”I called them and we went to eat. They came running because they were so hungry.

When we were done, we played a little on the beach. Then we had to go. Mia and Jude took us on the boat. When we got back to Movenpick, we said goodbye to them. We all went to our homes. Our nanny said, “You are very late!”

My mom said, “Sorry, we were having a lot of fun.” My mom said, “It was time to go to bed. It is late.”

I said, “Fine,” and went to sleep dreaming about how much fun we had.


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