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My classes are from different grades, particularly Grade 3-8. Most are English Language Learners, some are native English speakers. With this blogging tool, we wish to give each one a voice to express himself or herself, and be heard.

by Edwin dela Torre

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Follow Me to Freedom 4
I used to be very particular with making sure that human laws of my country be fair and just, and not opposed to the laws of God and nature.

When I came to this country, however, as an immigrant, this concept and preoccupation was relegated to the recesses of my brain.

All I wanted to do was teach and do the best that I can in the field and area I have come here to work for.

I don't know if this will change when I will finally become naturalized. I doubt it. I feel like I have become the least politicized as I can get.

So, my vision in this aspect is simply that of preparing all my students to be ready to lead in the future. And I give them example of leading by knowing how to follow. Leadership in that respect is showing how it is to follow, and be a leader in doing what are the tasks entrusted to you.
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