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by teacher: rodjer
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I wonder what’s under my bed?
“Mummy, I don’t want to go to bed.”
“Why?” asked Mum.
“Because the human will get me.”
“No it won’t. There is no such thing as humans.”
“Yes. I saw one on TV.”
“Well, turn on your night light.”
“Okay Mum.”

The next morning Goober, the little purple and green polka-dotted MONSTER got up and went into his Mum’s room to wake her up but she wasn’t there.
‘Where could Mummy be?’ thought the little monster.
Suddenly he heard a banging coming from the closet ...
Goober too three steps closer to the closet.
Goober jumped back.
It was only the floorboard luckily. Goober went closer and closer to the closet then reached for the handle. But as he touched it, it turned by itself. Then the door flew open and ...
“ARRRRR=http://!” screamed Goober. “HUMAN!!”

Just then Goober’s mother walked in with a remote control in her claws. Then she made the human move forward with the remote control.
Then she said, “It’s Monster Pranks Day.”

Later that day Goober decided to make a nice lunch for his mother. But when he handed it to her in the dish his want was inside. Then his mother took the lid off.
“Goober! Get your hand out of the dish,” said his mother.
“ROAR!” yelled Goober.
“Not scary Goober, go get ready.”
“For what?” asked Goober.
“Remember you’re going to your friend’s house.”
“Oh, right, my friend’s house. Umm, what one?”
“Slime, remember.”
“Yep. Um, I’ll go right now. Bye.”
“Wait Goober. Go get dressed.”
“Okay, don’t want to go in my pyjamas.”

After getting dressed Goober went to Slime’s house to stay the night. Slime was green all over with red eyes. That night Goober woke up because he heard a human’s voice. Goober looked under the bed and ..
“Oh no, that’s just our pet, Vanessa,” said Slime.
“You have a human as a pet?” asked Goober.
“Yes, she talks too, see. Vanessa speak to me.”
“What do you need,” asked Vanessa.
“Get Goober a glass of cold water,” commanded Slime.

In the morning they had breakfast. Then Goober went home and told his Mum all about his night.
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I love your story Keela! You have written an interesting narrative. It's so funny that the monster was afraid of humans and they turned out to be completely harmless.
Posted December 7, 2010 at 01:48 AM by • Miss Knight
Posted December 7, 2010 at 01:48 AM by • Miss Knight
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