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Kia Ora! Welcome to Room 4. We are a room full of gorgeouly clever 9, 10 and 11 year olds in beautiful New Zealand Aotearoa. We love learning new things and always have lots of questions. The world is our oyster!!

by Leanne Stewart
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We are in the last leg of 2010, and what a busy time it is shaping up to be.  We have baking and making, character masks to finish, personal inquiries to follow, narrative slideshows to add sound to, plays to perform, junior production to see, and an iceblock day to be able to support less fortunate families at christmas.  I have added the link to the Oxfam website so that you can all take a look at the kind of things we can support with your generosity.  This year's class are such a kind and compassionate bunch... I think our future is in great hands!  Take a look and come to school with an idea of what you think would be the most valuable gift to give - remember to think about why..

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