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As the chair climbs the steep snowy slope below me and approaches the unloading station, the squeak of the old, worn down chairlift gradually gets louder. When I reach the top, I push off very quickly and duck from the chair that whips around behind me. I've been hit by it before, and it does not feel good! The view at the top is nearly 360 degrees of beautiful Maine mountains that surround me. The small portion of the view that is block by densely snow covered pine trees, is right where I'm heading. I take my skis off, then walk up the steep slope. Every step I almost fall over because of my clumsiness in ski boots. At the top of the small hill, I enter the densely wooded forest that drops down thousands of feet to a lonesome valley. But the view in front of me is the reason I came here. Nearby the land is filled with rolling hills and mountains covered in pine trees, but the most incredible part is in the distance. The eyecatching snow capped mountains of the Presidential Range are truly breathtaking. The presence of them makes me feel small and unpowerful. Then my dreamlike stat ends as a friend launches a snowball right in face!

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