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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.

by FHKR teacher: Rye 8th Team


Every October 31st this house randomly appears in a cloud of fog. The house is always completely obscured. When it appears it suddenly starts to rain. Then the moon becomes full and becomes as bright as the sun. The light shoots into the obscured house. It makes all the widows glow then they all crack! The glass comes flying at you, but it all halts to a stop. All the glass crashes to the ground. Then the rain stops and the fog disappear. Then all these blood thirsty black cats come sprinting towards you with blood red eyes. Then it seems like reality is not with you it seems time has stopped! Then rotten shriveled pumpkins come plummeting towards the ground and land on the cats then the whole thing goes into chaos!




Ghost come flying out of the house and hands pop up from the ground and grab you legs to pull you into the ground. Then they get sucked up into a tree. Dead bodies rise from the ground. Then the ghosts go into the dead bodies. They all come after you your only hope is to go into the house. You here nothing inside. As you walk around you see paintings. Then the paintings start to moan and groan. Then you realize they are all kids. The pictures say the year they died and there name. Then you realize all those kids have been missing. After that you try to open the door but it won’t open up. I ran up stairs to find another exit. There were seven doors. I opened the first one and there was a huge mouth. The tongue came flying at me. I slammed the door shut. I opened the second one and there was people screaming. I slowly shut the door. Thinking back these are the same kids in the picture. I ran to the third and opened it. It was pitch black. I put one foot in and it started to suck my foot in. I grabbed a torch from the wall. It was quicksand. I tried to pull away and I got out but my shoe had come off. I opened the fourth door. There where zombies! One of there heads fell off and rolled toward me I slammed that one too. I opened the fifth one. A hand came flying at my neck I used the torch and light it on fire. When it burned it disappeared. The sixth one I opened there where people being mindlessly slathered. I slammed the door. I can barley mention this without having nightmares. I opened the door and found a mirror but there was something different about me. I was headless. Then the mirror shattered. A blood river came flowing towards me. I ran down stairs and the door still did not open. I ran down the hall and found night armor. I took its sword a cut a hole in the house I ran outside. The bodies where still there. I started slicing through them. I got out of the place. I threw the torch at the house so no one else would have to go through what I did. I was the only one to escape this place. That was the end of that house. I never saw it again, but sometimes on my morning walk it seems like its still there.

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