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The box race
Every year in March, Loon Mt. holds its annual cardboard box race. Last year John, Max, Spencer, Jono, Camden and I were competitors. We got two Harley Davidson boxes stuck together for our box and got a ton of paint and spray paints and combined the two. The Abstract Splatter-Painted Wonder was the result.
Red and Green and Yellow too,
Purple, Orange, Silver, Blue,
Lots of paints, in every hue,
The Abstract Splatter-Painted Wonder!
Thank you.
Anyway, the box was so big we had to take it apart (to take it up) and put it back together again when we got there. The rules of the box race are: The bottom of the box has to be cardboard (no ski wax, or anything like that) and you can’t leave anything on the trail.
We arrived and saw all different boxes of different shapes and different sizes. We had to hike up about a 100ft hill carrying the box on our shoulders. We were the second ones to go down which was good and bad. Good because we didn’t have to wait that long. Bad because our box was so big it acted like a snowplow and cleared the way for all the other boxes. When the first person had rolled down the hill in their box, we set up ours, and all hopped in. I was in the back right. As we thundered along, we started to veer to the side. We almost crashed into the sidelines but I stuck my hand into the snow to turn us. It worked but it slowed us down. We made it down okay, and we all got out. They hauled off our box to the used zone, and used it as a trash can for other boxes. After that we watched the other boxes crash and burn or get great times, and drank delicious root beer. Unlike John and Max, two years before, who got slowest time (their trophies were free t-shirts!), we didn’t get any awards, but we still had fun.
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