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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Who said that a fifth doesn’t know how to prepare a slide and use a microscope properly? Well yes, a few weeks ago on October 5 at 11 o’clock Mrs. Rishani took us to the middle school science lab.


When we arrived to the science lab we prepared our own slides by using onion cells. We took a small piece of onion and put it on a slide we put iodine on it, and then covered it with a small piece of glass. Then I put it under the microscope. I was mesmerized! It was like a dream! The cells were rectangular I could see the cell wall and other organelles. Afterwards we prepared animal cells. we took a cotton bud and rubbed it on the inside part of our cheek, then I put Methelyn blue and put a small piece of glass on it .After that I put it under the microscope but this time I was even more exited that I started to jump I felt like my heart was going to explode. This time the cells were circular.


   When it was time to leave I felt so I had to leave this wonderful and learning experience that I will never forget in my whole entire life.
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