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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Trip to Deir Al-Qamar

On October 12 we went camping to Deir Al-Qamar. When the lights went out and we all went to our tents to sleep, I was with Genny and Leen in the same tent. We didn’t feel like sleeping so we played UNO. I won. Leen had brought glow sticks. It was hard to crack them. Finally Leen found a way to crack them. They were four of them. There was green, yellow, blue, and pink. After that we played with our glow sticks. Soon Genny said, “If we don’t sleep now we will be so tired tomorrow so let’s get some sleep. So we lay down in our sleeping bags. Genny was already asleep. She was also snoring! Leen said she couldn’t sleep. Afterwards, when I was almost asleep Leen whispered, “Sumin!”, “Huh, what?” I said. I could barely open my eyes. “I’m going to the bathroom.’’ She said. Soon she woke me up again! I was half asleep. “Sumin! Are you sleeping?” she asked, “Yeah, just before you woke me up.”I said. “Now I don’t feel like sleeping anymore,” she said, so we talked about many things. We wanted to know what time it was, but Genny was the only one who had a watch. The hand that had the watch was inside the sleeping bag!”Maybe she will wake up when we take the hand out!”Leen said, “It will be okay,” I said, so I went to where Genny was sleeping and took out her hand. At that moment Genny woke up and she screamed at me. “I told you.” Leen said when Genny was back to sleep. “I saw it! It’s 2’o clock in the morning.” I said. Zip! We heard someone opening our door! We were so shocked! It was Rashad he said he couldn’t sleep because the boys in his tent were talking. He asked us if he could stay here. “Rashad I think you have to ask the teacher!” Leen said, “They are still sleeping!” Rashad said. “Not Mrs. Salem!” Leen said, “She is outside.”

“I saw her!” Leen whispered. “Okay, fine!” Rashad said grumpily. He went out and he asked the teacher, but we had no idea where Rashad went. “Do you think we should wake Genny up?” I asked, “Not now she will be mad let’s wake her up at 3’o clock.” Leen said so we waited some more. I had to check again what time it was. Luckily this time, both of her hands were outside the sleeping bag. It was 3:30 A.M, so we wake Genny up this time she wasn’t mad. We made up a game with our Glow Sticks. We sat down and one person throws all the Glow Sticks and the person who catches the most Glowy Sticks win. Later it got boring. It was 4:00 A.M. We cleaned around the tent and packed our stuff. At 4:30 A.M we put our sleeping bag back in the bag. We stayed in the tent until 6:30 A.M. everyone was outside.


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