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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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Boom! Clash! Oh how miserable I feel when I hear the sound of thunder and lighting. All year round, thunderstorms come and go electrifying and shocking me! I try to cover my head, but my arms are too short.

Do you think it is fair that you humans get to cuddle up in a warm, heated house while I am being tortured up here!
And the height! I get so scared of falling off the roof. Hundreds of feet up in the sky. But what is worse, is when I am on a boat! Sometimes I am high, sometimes I am low, but falling in the water is horrible! I once fell in and I was dragged in the water for over a day! And at sea, the winds are much harsher and there are big waves.

At night, it’s so dark and I don’t have a flash light! Satellite tries to comfort me when she’s awake, but most of the time she is not. All day long, I have to watch the blinding light that tells airplanes and helicopters to watch out and not bump into me. And if they fly over me, I have to listen to the deafening sound they make.

And in the winter, it is so cold up on the roof that my teeth are always chattering and my fingers are always numb.
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