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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2010-2011)

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I entered the classroom finding Miss Jeanette Karam standing up. The dietitian started explaining to us about our health and the type of food that we need to eat. We were given a food pyramid that had the different categories: grains, fruits, vegetables, oils, and milk. I found out that too much of one category isn’t really good. I discovered that sugar might block our arteries. Tea isn’t good for us to drink every day because of all the caffeine it has.  Steamed vegetables are better than boiled vegetables because the vitamins and fiber get lost in the water. Fiber contains antioxidants which burn the fat in the arteries. It’s healthier to eat oranges than drink orange juice because very little vitamins are left. Even if we squeeze the juice it’s still not as healthy as the fruit itself

A few hours later, a cardiologist called Dr. Antoine Abchee came to class and explained to us ways we could keep our circulatory system healthy.  I found out a bit of alcohol is healthy for adults, especially red wine, but even though, exercise is much healthier. Addictions could really effect a person, for example, smoking.

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