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Welcome to Room 1, 2011. There are many wonderful exciting action packed activities that we are going to be involved in this year. Be part of this magical journey by viewing our blog and be inspired for greater things...

by Belinda

teacher: Michael Cunliffe

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The cheetah is part of the cat family. The cheetah is the fastest animal on the planet and can reach speeds up to 110kph. The cheetah is endangered because of lots of different ways, for example, poachers kill the cheetahs for their fur, skin and teeth to sell for money.


Cheetahs like warm dry places. They are best known for living in East Africa and South western Africa. They are normally found walking around in the Savannah grasslands and deserts and sometimes bush lands and semi deserts and might be found in tropical grasslands.


Cheetahs are carnivores which means they only eat meat. For example they eat warthogs, Impalas and lots of other animals. The main animal that the cheetah eats is the antelope. The cheetah is very good at catching its prey because of its long muscular legs, it can run really fast which gives the cheetah an advantage.


The cheetah has a longs streamlined body with long legs which is very useful. The male cheetah will make groups of 2-3 and those groups will go hunting together.


Cheetahs are very protective about their territory. The mummy cheetah takes her cubs hunting so when the cubs get older they know how to hunt for food.

Life Cycle

When the cheetah babies are little they are called cubs but when they get older they are called adult cheetahs.

Species and classification

The scientific name for the cheetah is Acinonyx Jubatus. The cheetah is a mammal which means when the mother gives birth they baby isn’t born in an egg and the baby drinks from the mother.

Natural Predators

The cheetah has lots of predators but its natural predators are lions, leopards, snakes, humans, wild dogs and hyenas.

Closing statement

The cheetah is being killed for lots of different reasons like for their skin and fur and also to keep as pets. If we don’t do something soon we will lose this lovely creature.
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