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Living in Space


Life in Space involves great experience! You have to go through about 1,000 days of training to be an astronaut! You must know about living, space clothing, food, working, hygiene, and sleeping in space!


Living in space inside the space shuttle it often times smells like fuels, this is because of all the fuels that make the engine in the space shuttle run. Astronauts usually say it is very hard to live in space because of the small area you have to move in. Astronauts also say it is very cool to be in space because when you look out the window all you see is the Earth you live on.


Space clothing is very important in space. Usually they use Russian or U.S clothing supplies. They only get to bring 1 pair of shorts, 2 sweaters, 2 shirts, and 1 pair of pants. They only get to change every 10 days! The space suits that they must where weigh up to 400 pounds here on Earth, but in space they weigh nothing!


Food in space is also very important! When they first built space shuttle's the astronauts had to eat and drink of of long tubes, well every thing but fruit and brownies. Now they have special ecquipment that they use to eat and drink! A n oven is provived on the space shuttle now, so are condiments. Liqued is drank out of a tube.


It is hard work to work in a space shuttle! One person observes space and Earth inside of the shuttle while the others do the rest of the work, such as grahping, and organizing data. Sometimes the astronauts get a break to relax and play around in the shuttle.


Hygiene is one of the most important things to have while on a space shuttle. Expessialy when you are in space with nogravity as long as up to 6 months! The people in the space shuttle have the same hygiene as people on Earth. While the astronauts are in the space shuttle they must still work out because if they dont then they will loose hygiene! The astronauts wash their hair, brush their teeth, shave, and go to the bathroom just as they would on Earth! But showering they don't do as often as they would on Earth.


Astronauts go to bed just as people on Earth. When they go to bed at night they are attached to a the walls in their sleeping bags.


And that is Life in space for astronauts in a space shuttle!

Mike Foreman

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