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“Houston, we are clear for launch.” The astronauts are strapped in awaiting for there journey to begin. “Okay, clear to launch.” The control room says in fear. The fears of everything going wrong, have been blocked form their minds now. The news crew and many families gather round to see the launch. The astronauts thinking nothing but the best. “Fuel tanks on, ready for lift off.” The control room is scattered pressing many different buttons. The fuel tank makes a boom, the astronauts jerk. They are off the ground, roars off clapping and chanting fill the air, but this is not the astronauts final job many tasks follow as they change their life styles to live in the International Space Center.


Once, they arrive at the space center, different experiments and supplies for the next 6 months, are loaded on the Space Station. Supplies such as food and drinks. While living in the Space Station Astronauts are not allowed to have any water, because if the water were to be spilled, a lot of equipment would start to break. So, instead of water the Astronauts have brought along tea, milk, and/or juice. They aren't in the normal containers we all know, though. The are in air filled containers making it taste sorta empty and less liquid to the Astronauts. It gives them the urge to burp, but they can't do that because if they were to burp they would vomit.


Exercise is one of the most important things to do in Space. If you didn't exercise you would lose muscles and maybe even some bone marrow. Astronauts do not exercise the same way we do when in Space. For the treadmill, they have to be strapped down and have to move it by themselves. As for workout wear, after the journey on the Space Shuttle, astronauts can change back into normal everyday clothes.


Experiments are conducted in low gravity up in Space. Experiments such as finding new medicines and the effects on the human body are quite common on the station. Life in space is very common to life on Earth, just without gravity.

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