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Discover what's happening in the 7th grade classes at Rye Jr. High (A Middle School) in Rye, NH, US.

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Living in space is not all it’s cracked up to be. It is much more difficult in space because there is no gravity when they are not working. Most of the astronauts get a type of motion sickness called Space Adaptation Syndrome. Most of there food is dehydrated because it wont spoil and because they can pack more food for the trip. You are only limited to three gallons of water when taking a shower. Exercise is very important because living in weightlessness causes your heart to shrink. When returning to earth this could be catastrophic. Everybody has there own Personal Hygiene Kit complete with, tooth brush, tooth paste, combs, brushes, shavers. Instead of washing with soaps and shampoos that need water they use soaps and shampoos made for hospital patients that could not be exposed to water. While sleeping in space you must be strapped in to your bed to prevent form floating away while your sleeping. The Extra Vascular Actives or EVA is a space walk. The EVA suit can be used 25 times before it has to come back to earth for repair. As you can see living in space is more difficult than you think.
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