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When Mr. Gianforte came to our school to talk about the planets I learned a lot. It was very interesting. Space is very complicated and I wish we knew more about it. Listening to Mr. Gianforte I learned many things. One was how astronauts find planets. One way is that they watch the pattern of a stars light and if there are small breaks in it occasionally than they know that there is a planet revolving around it. Planets that aren’t in our solar system are called exoplanets. I think it is amazing that astronomers can find a planet that is millions of miles away. He also taught us about the stars and the universe. He taught us that the universe is always expanding but it does end eventually. I wish astronomers knew what was beyond the universe, because I want to know what is out there. He also told us that there are billions of stars in our universe. I want to know where all of the stars came from. Space is a very amazing subject that we know a lot about but there is so much out there that we don’t know yet. That is what would make me want to be an astronomer. I think space is so fascinating and I am really glad Mr. Gianforte came in to talk to us.
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