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Pre-Language/Western Civ (Sp/Fr)

Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.

by Julia Osteen

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What a strange title for a book, 6-321. This title led me to believe the book would be about some futuristic adventure. By contrast, the book is set during the 1960's when John F. Kennedy was president. It is about a boy, Marc, and the things that happen to him during his 6th grade year at school. This 6th grade class is the highest grade in the elementary school instead of part of a Jr. High or Middle School. The teacher, Mr. Vigoritti, has a reputation of being really strict and mean. This makes Marc nervous about being in his class. Later on, Marc would realize that having Mr. Vigoritti for a teacher was one of the best things that had happened to him. A lot goes on in this book, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, fights and meeting Mickey Mantle! I think this is a book that both boys and girls will like. Check it out! You can read a review of the book here: http://www.kidsreads.com/reviews/0689833725.asp

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Julia Osteen is a JH teacher at Greater Atlanta Christian School in Norcross, GA. This is her 25th year teaching. She also supports teachers in grades K-12 with technology integration.

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