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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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I write this blog entry because I want to share what I know about what its like to live in space.

The living quarters in space include four bunk beds, but if that isn't enough people can also sleep in the cockpit. Although sleeping in the cockpit can be hard because the sun rises every ninety minutes. On the ISS (International Space Station) Anyone can sleep anywhere along as they're tied down. On the shuttle, there is wake up music, on the ISS there is not.

When going to the ISS, astronauts can choose to wear a Russian space suit or an American space suit. There is also the option to get thick or thin Russian Caravals.

The Hygiene in space is the same as on earth, just using different methods because of zerogravity. Did you know that toothpaste containers are the product of the "Space Race".

Eating in space is close to the same as eating on earth. There is a refrigerator, just no oven. Also condaments are provided, but the salt and peper are in liquid form so they don't get in vents.

Working in space has gotten a lot easer because of the ISS. Some sientific discoverys in space have led to a beter insight on earth. Did you know that the Hubble Space Telescope was the most famous satellite launched? 

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