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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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Ever wondered what it's like living in space? Well, first off, lets talk about getting into space.
When the shuttle blasts off, the astronauts feel about 3Gs of force. No, not grams, 1G is an object's weight. So now that you know that, you can understand that the astronauts feel their own weight three time more this is why they are specially trained to handle this force.

Because there is no gravity, they can only eat certain foods. They can't have bread, because it crumbles, and could get in their eyes, or the machines. They used to have food in little tooth paste like containers. Due to complaint, they have given the astronauts food in a normal forms

sleeping is a bit different in space, than on Earth. the first reason being the total lack of gravity, causing you to be able to doze off in any sleeping position. they also need to be strapped down, so they don’t float away in their sleep.

Just like being on Earth, they need to stay clean too,so NASA created a waterless shampoo. it needs to be waterless, because if they had water, it would float everywhere. this could cause a serious malfunction.

Well, maybe now you have an idea on what life is like in space. I hope this info was useful!
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