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There are so many different things that people do not know about space. Everyone knows just the the simple things about space like the rocket. Have you ever dug deeper into the life in space. There is so much more to explore about the living in space. They have to eat and sleep and even brush their teeth with no gravity. That would be quite the fun.

Food in space is very similar to what we eat here on Earth. The only difference is the fact that they have to eat a lot more calories than we do and they need more calcium because without gravity our bones do not get the strength that they need. They eat three meals a day some meals with water and some just plain. Condiments, such as salt and pepper, are made into liquid for so that they are easily spread onto the food. They have no oven or refrigerator so they have to eat simple packaged meals. They are able to store the food of there choice in a special capsule as it is saved for later. Astronauts are now able to choose their food as before they were only able to have simple freeze dried meals.

Space suits are something that not many people know much about at all other than the Astronauts. They actually have a limit as to how many times they can go out into space. They can be out a maximum of 25 different times. They are fit so that one size fits all so that anyone could go into a suit. The suits down on earth way up to 400 lbs. In space these suits are weightless. Because of breathing they have to have carbon dioxide removing things that will remove the carbon dioxide and release the deadly gas. They are easily cleaned and replaced so that the astronauts are able to live in the hostile environment. They have fingertip heaters to protect them from the cold and also AC in their suits for the hot sun. They lastly have jet packs to get around in space.

Sleeping is similar to that of which goes on here on Earth they have to be strapped down onto a wall, floor, or something like that. Once they had been strapped down there arms were still open so they will float once they fall asleep and the astronauts will not even notice. They had 2 bunk beds for up to four astronauts so that some of them would have to sleep in sleeping bags on the floor. The captains usually are strapped into their seats. They had 8 hours of sleep and in that they still snored and dreamed the same way that we do today. Space sleep is exactly the same except for the fact that they are strapped down so that they won't hit anything while they are sleeping.

In Space life is very similar but also very different. I have only given a glimpse of life in space for the devoted astronauts that are on a space mission.
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