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“SPACE, THE FINIAL FRONTiER.” To go up in space is almost every child’s dream. Throughout the decades we have uncovered more and more of this massive mystery but we haven't even scratched the surface. Recently in time we have been sending maned space flights into space to a International space station. This is a research facility that conducts experiments on the outsides of space. We have come upon many problems through out this process. One of those challenges is trying to live a normal day life. People do it, and how they do it is actually quiet fascinating. When we send people up in the sky with a rocket they are in a straight shot to the station. Once they or docked and in the station life begins. Living quarters in the station are usually a little cramped, but cozy. Beds are of normal twin size. There is no real temperature in the station so it is usually at a room temperature. The work that is done in space usually consists of, completing experiments of all sorts, repairing and placing new satellites and different things are tested in the vacuum of space. After a long day of work people usually like to settle down and relax right? Well in the Space Station they do just that. Astronauts eat 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is delicious, so they say. This is a big improvement from earlier space travel where the food was fit into tooth paste tubes. This was the way people ate until people started complaining about it and the means finely changed. Breakfast usually looks some thing like granola or pears and a vanilla drink. Lunch consists of macaroni and cheese or maybe chicken strips with apple cider. Last but not least dinner is usually is beef, steak and fruit with some water. Before starting a day or ending one people must take care of personal hygiene. This is a big challenge for them because of zero gravity. They do do it though. First of all showers are probably most important. Astronauts take showers by using a water jet and using a suction vacuum like thing to suck up all the water before it starts to float around the cabin and cause problems. Going to the bathroom uses a similar technique, they also use a vacuum to suck up the waste and deposit into a tank. Exercising is also key to living in space because your bones lose calcium when out of our atmosphere. So most strap to a treadmill and run. Well know that you have heard the daily life of an astronaut, do you think you could be one? Men and women must adapt to these strange new habits lot always with ease but they do and it makes working in space a whole lot more comfortable.

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