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Living in space is much different than on earth. They are all humans though and have the same need as on earth. The life styles are different like you don't change clothes as much in space as you do on earth. In space you get 2 sweaters one pair of socks for when your feet get cold. One t-shirt, pair of shorts, and 2 pairs of shoes. They get new clothes for most things every 10 days some clothes only get replenished every month. They don't have to change clothes as much as we do because there is no dirt from the outside. Living in space is also very hard because liquid water is scarce and must be preserved. Another factor is that there is limited air, and what little little air they do have it is used by everyone. Sleeping in space is like earth you work during the day and sleep during the night. The most difference about sleeping in space compared to on earth is that there is no gravity so you have to strapped down to your bed or to the wall. Food in space is just like on earth but you can't have any foods with crumbs. Like salt and pepper because there is no gravity the crumbs could float into something important in the space craft. Just like on Earth they have three meals and they have meals balanced with minerals and vitamins. In space just like on earth you have hygiene you have to take showers. But in space you can't have a running water shower you have sponge yourself down with water on yourself then immediately vacuum it off. In space you have many jobs in which includes repairing satellites and conducting experiments. Also mission specialists have special jobs that they are assigned for the mission. Though space shuttles are designed with only enough supplies for 2.5 weeks so they have to work fast. Astronauts train for years for space so they have to be perfect because they usually only have one shot at the mission. As you can see life on space is very different then on earth but not everything about it life is life and as our interests in outer space grows so will our need to be in space more often.

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