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by SJCA teacher: Rye 8th Team

Living in space can be very different from living down here on earth. Especially when you’re on NASA`s space shuttle, the Discovery. For one thing, your weightless in space! You get to float around doing flips and having fun right? In the space shuttle, sometimes yes, but there’s much more to being aboard the Discovery. You were sent up there for a reason, you’re on a mission to do specific things and work for NASA. With doing all this work and how different it is up in space, how is living up there? How do astronauts do the things we do down here on earth, in zero gravity? This is how.

While the astronauts are in space they have their living quarters. This includes their living room, workout room, and living space all in one. On the space station there are two crew cabins, each big enough for 1 person. The third person on the space station can sleep anywhere, as long as they are strapped down. In space the amount of room you have is limited. Because the shuttle is not the biggest thing in the world, or space, the chambers are small and spaces can be tight

Although there is zero gravity in space, the astronauts in the space station or shuttle eat the same things we do, well… almost. Some things like salt and pepper are liquidized in order to keep it from floating around the cabin, getting stuck in filters and other harmful places. The space food used to be things squeezed out of toothpaste tubes, but now there are many different choices of what the astronauts can eat like fruits, nuts, peanut butter, chicken, beef, seafood, candy, and brownies. Drinks consist of coffee, tea, orange juice, fruit punch, and lemonade. Now that the people that are in space can eat more similar things to people on earth, the astronauts are very happy.

Like I said before, when you`re sent into space on the shuttle you were sent up for a reason. You were sent to complete a mission and do other work to help benefit our knowledge and NASA`s research. One thing astronauts do when they are in space is capturing/releasing satellites. They do this with a mechanical arm and the satellites also do scientific research while orbiting the earth. Aboard the shuttle the astronauts are constantly working to change filters, updating computer equipment, and doing medical experiments to determine how well their bodies are doing with the zero gravity environment. Being on the shuttle or on the space station means constant working so being an astronaut is not all fun and play

Although there are some similarities, being in space is a lot different than being down here on earth. Being an astronaut requires tons of training and knowledge, not to mention once you`re in space the amount of work is very great. Over all, the men and women aboard the Discovery and Space Station are benefiting our country in a huge way 24/7.
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