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Have you ever thought of living in space? Well if you have you have to learn a lot. Some of the things might be: space clothes, food, working in space, hygiene, and sleep. Well they all have a story behind them and if you are going into space you will need to know.

When your in space you were clothing just like you would on earth. You can wear pants, shorts, t-shirt, and other clothing, it doesn't make a different except if you are space walking you were your suit. The clothing that you were in space is either made by the Russians or the Americans. When you are in space there is no washing your clothes. That is why space clothing is very important.

What I think the biggest thing in space is sleeping. When you are sleeping you are attached to a bunk. It is just like wearing a seat belt to bed, it is like that because there is no gravity in space so if you didn't attach your self to the bunk you would just float up. When you wake up, hygiene is very important, when you are in space. You can do exactly the same, you can; shower, go to the bathroom, shave, and brush your teeth. Just as earth you need a lot of sleep and in space you might need more.

In space the food is not very different than earth's food. Some of the food you eat in space comes in packets. The food is very dry, whenever you eat spaghetti you have to add water to it, then the food will become edible. But other foods like fruit and brownies you can just eat because it is already made. The condiments have to be in liquid form, ketchup, mustard, mayo, and other things like that. You have 3 meals a day just like earth. So as you can see astronauts do not go hungry.

It might be difficult to transfer from earth to space. Even though it might be very different, it is a life experience. After all that is what astronauts are trained for.
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