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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in space like astronauts? Well it's really cool and interesting to learn about. They do all of the things that we do on earth but their floating while they do it! Some things that I am going to tell you about are the clothing that they use, the food that they eat, the work that they do and, the way that they sleep. Well here it goes!

First, I am going to tell you about the clothes that the astronauts wear. They choose what they want to wear in space months before the launch so that they can be prepared for it ahead of time. Also you choose from Russian or American clothing supplies to wear while you in space. You can wear anything you want so that your very comfortable in the shuttle. You can wear anything from T-shirts to running shoes to thick sweatpants as long as your comfy!

Second, I am going to tell you about what astronauts eat while their in space. They can eat some foods in natural form such as brownies or fruit. But some foods need water such as macaroni and cheese or spaghetti. In the shuttle there are ovens to heat the food but their are no refrigerators. Condiments like mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise are provided. Certain things such as salt and pepper come in liquid form. The astronauts eat three meals a day just like everyone else, and they can choose from a variety of different foods to eat.

Third, I am going to tell you about what kind of work astronauts do while they're in space. They do science experiments in space. Also they do medical experiments to determine how well their bodies adjust to no gravity for long periods of time. The astronauts have to clean the filters, update the computer equipment, update the support systems, and insure that their largest investment stays in good shape, ensuring the maintenance and health of the platform.

Fourth and lastly I'm going to tell you about the way that the astronauts sleep in space. In outer space there is no up or down so they can sleep in whatever position they want but they have to be strapped to a wall, seat, or bunk-bed. They strap themselves to things so that they don't float all over the cabin that they are sleeping in. The astronauts usually sleep in sleeping bags, either on the bunk beds or the commander's/pilot's chairs. There are only four bunk beds so someone has to strap themselves to something.

All of these things that I have told you about are very important to know about astronauts and how they live in space. It makes you wonder about how your body would react to no gravity for long periods of time, or if you would like space food, or what having no up or down would be like. It is probably the coolest sensation to feel no gravity, and someday maybe you will feel that very sensation while your up in space.
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