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Living in space sounds really cool. You float, and the outside world is dazzling with sparkling stars. It sounds really exciting, but is it not all fun and games. Think about food, water and what you would wear! There are no malls to shop at, no plumbing and no grocery store. How would you survive?

Well, most people think you would have to wear those bulky space suits all the time, but now you can wear what ever you want. Before they are in space you chose a couple clothes to wear in space. They often put the clothing on the ship before the astronauts arrive themselves on the ship. Most of the astronauts wear clothes from NASA company. There are seven different articles of clothing on the suits the astronuats wear in space so none of the toxic are gets in. The clothing is a fairly wide range except the space suits there is only one type.

The food situation in space is fairly logical. They do not take anything that spoils easily because some of there trips are very long and they could get sick if they eat bad food. For an example they eat tortillas instead of bread because they do not spoil as much. They used to eat liquid food out of tooth paste tubes, but now they have way more options.

Water would be the hardest thing to get. The only have a certain amount of water for a certain amount of time. There are so many possibilities of the water running out and so many possibilities of bad things that could happen if you ran out of water. People would get dehydrated and sick and lots of the food they bring would need water to be eatable.

There are up and downs to living in space. Some people like it and some people would hate it. Some people wish they could go and never do, but what you should really remember is living in space is not for everyone.

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