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Have you ever wondered what it is like living in space? How it's different and how it's the same as on Earth? Astronauts in space have many things they have to monitor and do to keep things running well. As well as on Earth, they have to keep clean, eat and do many more tasks. If something goes wrong there is only the other astronauts there to help. They work hard together to get what is needed done.

Living quarters in space are very different than on Earth. One main difference is that there is no ceiling or floor. There in no ceiling and floor because in the shuttle in space they don't need it because there is no gravity. All they do is float around and it's kind of like swimming. So astronauts can just float/swim to wherever they want to go,whether they are upside down or not. In the shuttle there is a small kitchen and dinning room where their food is kept and where they eat. There is also a small bathroom where there is a strap to hold you down. Their sleeping arrangements are completely different than on Earth. While sleeping, the astronauts are strapped into a sleeping bag so they don’t float around. Also, because they have no gravity their arms float up. So, as they are sleeping their arms are pointing upward.

Food is pretty good in space even though it's different from on Earth. Although a long time ago astronauts were complaining about how the food was bad so after time NASA changed the food. Now astronauts get to chose what they would like to have to eat. Just like on earth they have 3 meals a day and eat in the kitchen/dining room. Most of the space food is in natural form but not all. For example salt and pepper are made in a liquid form for space. The food comes in packages and has many condiments to go with it. Some of the food requires water and also there is a small oven to warm food up if needed. In space, they also have to take their daily vitamins to stay healthy.

Hygiene and clothing is also an important thing in space. If one astronaut gets sick they don’t want to risk getting all the astronauts sick. Astronauts are able to bath everyday after working. They can only use a certain amount of water and then they have to suck up the water with a small vacuum so it doesn’t float around the shuttle. Just like on Earth, they brush their hair and teeth before the beginning of the day and the end of the day. In space the astronauts have a choice of what they want to wear. In space the average clothing is shorts and a T-shirt. Every astronaut gets two sweaters. After they have wore the clothes for a few days and are very dirty they put the clothes in the space station were they are kept and then burned when they return to Earth.

Just because the astronauts are in space doesn’t mean they are not doing anything. While in space they have many tasks to complete. Astronauts conduct many experiments in space. Sometimes they go to the moon, or times they conduct experiments with the air and planets. Also they release and capture satellites in space. Astronauts are always checking filters and making sure everything is working and is safe. Also a part of there job in space is to monitor the space station at all times. In space astronauts always have to be a where of what is going on around them.

Astronauts play a huge role in space. They are the ones who discover new things in space and sometimes experiment with what they have found. They do their work and tasks throughout the day like on Earth. Now you know what it's like to live a daily life in space.
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