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Living in space can be pretty hard when there's no gravity and tons of thing that can go wrong. You still have to do your regular every day things though like sleep take showers, but you also have to work because its not all fun and games. Astronauts can provide us with some pretty critical information like live-saving medicines and how the Earth is changing over the years. Astronauts can play a pretty big role in our lives!

Hygiene in space is just the same as hygiene on Earth. The astronauts brush their teeth, wash their hair, and take showers! It sounds easy right but in space it's a lot harder! You have to make sure that no water floats away and get in any of the important buttons or electrical stuff. In order to do that you have to vacuum the water of your body as you take a shower, you can't just let it pour down on you. It's not as hard to brush your hair other than its hard to keep your balance when there is no gravity. Same with brushing your teeth. It can be hard to keep up your hygiene in space!

Food in space can be pretty good. When the first people went into space the food was gross, it looked like toothpaste and you had to squeeze out of a tube. For breakfast they have a choice of a granola bar, breakfast roll, pears,a vanilla drink, or coffee. For lunch they have a choice of chicken strips and salsa, macaroni and cheese, rice with butter, macadamia nuts, or apple cider. For dinner the can have, shrimp cocktail, steak, macaroni and cheese, fruit cocktail, strawberry drink, or tea with lemon. Most of the food in space is pretty good!

Can you imagine sleeping in space! It would be uncomfortable, well I think so. You have to strap yourself into a big blue bag, so you won't fly around and hit things. Also, your hands fly up like you're reaching for cookies on a shelf. In space you can sleep upside down, sideways, vertical or anyway you want. I think that’s pretty cool.

I think it would be really fun but hard to live in space. Can you picture yourself in space discovering life saving medicines? Well that's what astronauts do for a living. Their jobs are pretty hard and if anything goes wrong that's about a billion dollars down the drain, and it possibly risks their lives. You have to be pretty tough to be an astronaut. You also have to be smart and brave!
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