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Discover what's happening in the 7th grade classes at Rye Jr. High (A Middle School) in Rye, NH, US.

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     For a little while now in class we have been learning about what it is like in space. I have learned many interesting things that I didn't know about, and now I want to learn more. I find space very exciting. If you want to learn a little more about space that you might not have known, then read this. Food in space is just like the food we eat on Earth. Like a camping trip, you have to bring enough supplies for your stay. But, you do get to eat better in space then you think. Astronauts can choose what they want to eat. This extends from anywhere between steak, shrimp, lobster, brownies, anything that an astronaut might desire. There is an oven provide on the space craft so you can cook or heat something up. Nutritionists on Earth make sure that the astronauts are staying healthy and making sure they eat enough and also they make sure that they don't eat to much. You see, eating in space is like eating on Earth except in space it is much more fun to play around with your food. The astronauts on the shuttle have living quarters where they eat, sleep, exercise, and relax. It is a very small and cramped part of the shuttle. When they sleep they have to be strapped into a wall, seat, or bunk beds. They they are also strapped into a sleeping bag when they sleep. There are only four bunk beds so the other astronauts would have to be strapped into chairs. When you exercise you get strapped into the floor and you jog or run on a jogging machine. You wouldn't lift weights because in space everything weighs almost nothing. This area of the shuttle is probably the best area because you can relax and not do any work. We all know staying healthy is important. We have to stay in shape, stay clean, and keep a balanced diet. On the shuttle you would do most of these things exactly the same way as you would on Earth. You have to brush your teeth so your teeth don't get cavities and your gums don't get infections or diseases. You also have to wash your hands, body, and you have to shave. People shave the same as on Earth but the others are a little different. Since you can't have water floating around in the shuttle, you have to use a sponge and dab yourself or your hands if you are just washing your hands. One astronaut a while back created shampoo that you didn't have to rinse, it just soaked into your head. Of coarse you have to go to the bathroom too, each astronaut has their own tube. They get strapped into the wall and put the tube to a “provided” area and the tube sucks the air and waste out into the waste-water tank. Now that you know quite a bit about what it is like to live in space, you can teach others this information and spread the word. All of this information comes from scientists, astronauts, and anyone involved with NASA. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope I taught you many, many thing that you might not have known. Maybe someday you will want to be involved with NASA. Well, my work here is done. Bye for now!

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