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Space, the goal of all nations of our time. The Apollo missions put us on the moon, the Soviets' put man in space, to show that we can live there. The space station shows we can build and make space a home. The living quarters in space have all essential living items for human life but there is now gravity. It rather small and you need to exercise every day in order to keep your bones from shrinking.

You also can't just open the door and walk out you have to put on a suit. And go through airlock doors.

The food in space is anything the astronaut want (that doesn’t make them sick) so stake or fish. The old food was like a mush that had to be squirted out of a tooth-paste like tube, yumm. One of the main reasons NASA changed this was because a bunch of astronauts got together and said they had to change somethings, such as the food and there where no windows in the earlier spacecrafts.

To sleep is very interesting, You attach yourself to a wall inside a cocoon life bag. The sleeping hours are the same as Huston, where mission control is. When they go to sleep the ground takes over and operates everything by electronics.

Space is a new playground and we are just starting to play. Hopefully Discovery will take off and another crew will enter space.

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