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NASA astronauts are very important people; They train hard to get themselves into space for only a little over a week. Ordinary things they do in the shuttles are different form how we do them on Earth.

A day for the astronauts starts out by waking up, as we all do. Then they would prep their work for the day, then it's time for some healthy exercise; micro gravity causes the body to relax and become soft, so extra exercise is always needed. Then it's time for lunch. After lunch, it's more exercise then it's back to work, then it's time to head back to sleep and get ready for another busy day.

Hygiene in space is very similar to hygiene on Earth; they still have to brush their teeth, take showers and go to the bathroom. However, these things have to be done a little bit differently due to the weightless environment. When taking a shower, small amounts of water are sprayed on the astronaut at a time and then quickly vacuumed up to prevent it from floating around. In the bathrooms the astronauts use also have vacuums for sucking up urine and other matter.

You may picture space foods to be powdered, liquid or paste... well, it used to be, but now the astronauts can consume all their favorite foods in the no gravity environment. Certain foods may be required to be dehydrated then re-hydrated, but the food comes out the same. The astronauts can eat steak, fruit, brownies and so many more products. Want some salt with that? Hope you're okay with liquid salt and pepper 'cause the true form is not allowed on the ship for safety reasons; it could float off into astronauts eyes, it could block an air vent, etc.

The astronauts use the microgravity living space to conduct all sorts of experiments that can only be performed in zero gravity, but they also live in the shuttles and have to do everyday things that become very different from how they are done on Earth. The astronauts continue to go up and do the man things we do everyday.

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