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Space the final frontier, we don't know where it begins or ends. The true American dream is to go in to space and be part of the world's history. With the technologies that we have made going into space and living in space for a extended period is possible. The DISCOVERY space craft is a space shuttle which services the Space Station delivering parts, supplies, and people. My following paragraphs cover living in Space.

Living in space, food in space is much like food on earth. Food can be sometimes eaten in natural form like brownies or fruit. Other foods need to be moisturized by adding water, there is no oven, so foods must already be made, although there is a refrigerator. Ketchup, mustard, and other condiment are available, also pepper and salt are provided but in liquid form.

Working in space, work in space usually involves the affects of gravity on people which is called the effects of micro-gravity. There is also medical experiments on living things (including people) in space. The DISCOVERY also cleans and repairs satellites. The astronauts also grow protein crystals and exercise.

Space clothes, space clothes are very important in such a hostile environment. Normal clothes are needed inside the space station, the astronauts can choose from either clothes from Russia or the U.S.A. The space suit is most important outside of the space station. The space suit consists of a in-suit drink bag, gloves, airlock adapter plate, a liquid cooling primary life support system, and much more.

Space is so long and extensive that we have not discovered a bit of it. Today we know so much more then yesterday but know so little compared to what we could learn. Now learn more about space and have fun, we all need to pitch in and discover the most extensive thing that is space.
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