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by LRLI teacher: Rye 8th Team

The countdown is always the most nerve racking part. People always wonder if they'll make it or not. Did you ever wonder what it is like to go up into a spaceship and live in space? Living in space has many requirements. There is a lot of work that each astronaut has to do on board the space ship, but there are also a lot of fun activities that the crew members can do during their free time. A few important things that you might like to know about living in space are space clothes, sleeping, hygiene, food, and living quarters. Here are a few interesting facts about the NASA astronauts. First you should know about about the living quarters. Cabins are very tight on both the space station and the shuttle. There are 2 crew cabins that are usually used for a lot of things including eating, sleeping, working, and exercising. Its a lot to do in just one small room. When the crew members are moving throughout the cabins, the must be very careful to go slowly because there is no gravity, so they could easily hit something. Weightlessness is another thing the astronauts have to get used to. Another thing that you should know about is eating and sleeping in space. When it comes to food,there is a wide variety of selections. Most foods can be eaten naturally like fruits and brownies. But some other food require adding water like pasta or mac and cheese. Food must be stored properly and it can also be heated. Things like salt and pepper have to be put into liquid form or else it will float away. Just like here on earth, they eat three meals a day at the same time. Sleeping in space can be complicated. Since there is no gravity, the crew members have to strpa themselves to a wall, seat, or bunk so they dont hit something where they're sleeping. They sleep in sleeping bags to keep warm. There are many things to know about living in space. To learn more about living in space, you can read more blogs or visit the NASA website! Cupola

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