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by AJBR teacher: Rye 8th Team
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Living in space is all the fun you think it is, but you have to do a lot of experiments. Some experiments are: medical experiments, to make sure their health is okay, plant growth experiments and many more. Many tasks are preformed while orbiting Earth. Other tasks are cleaning themselves, cleaning filters in the space suits, cleaning the suits in general and last but not least, and working on the Space Station. You have to exercise. Exercising is very hard in space because there's 0 gravity. If you haven't been on Earth and where you are there's 0 gravity, you have to use those mussels somehow or another. You may ask why you would need to work out. You need to work out because if you go on Earth, using no mussels and just floating around, you going to break your legs. Another question you may ask is, how do they use there mussels in 0 gravity? It's very important to work out. Fun facts are: reading, throwing food in the air and eating it, and many, many more. A space suit is very complicated; there are many different parts to it. Some parts are, hard upper torso, which connects to the arm assemblies, and the lower torso assembly, the helmet, and many more things that protect them. As you can see with all the things above, it’s very complicated. Space is fun, difficult, and complicated but the astronauts put up with it, and I hope you now know what it’s actually like.

Space Essay

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