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Astronaut William McArthur is brushing his teeth in the middeck of Space Shuttle Atlantis during STS-74.



The space shuttle is a very cramped living space. The astronauts practically live in the same room. They eat, sleep, work, exercise, all, in the same room. But it's all for compactness when it comes to the space shuttle! Sleeping can seem strange from someone looking at it from earth, but in 0 gravity, you can sleep in any orientation! You could sleep upside-down if you wanted to! The only thing is, you have to strap in, so you don't float around. Non-perishable food is brought aboard the space shuttle. Some of which requires water, because it's DE-hydrated. Some foods include macaroni & cheese, spaghetti, cereal, etc.The whole shah-bang! The food they eat looks extremely appetizing! While in space, the astronauts do experiments, including plant growth, exercising, and so on. They also capture and repair satellites, and constantly check equipment, on both the shuttle, and the satellites. Most of the work they do is on computers, where they log stuff, and they make sure the computers are always up-to-date. Astronauts can spend a whole day of work at the computer. Hygiene on the space shuttle is the same as on earth. Except, water and stuff requires a vacuum, to keep the water from floating all over the place! So basically, they do the same things as on Earth, differently. Also, the sweat that's produced by the astronauts on the shuttle, it's collected, purified, and ready to drink again! Clothing on the space shuttle varies for different jobs. Surprisingly, they wear the same clothes as on Earth!(In the space shuttle, of course.) So not only do you get to float around, but you get to do it in shorts and a t-shirt! So life on the space shuttle, can be a lot of fun, and a real adventure, but it also requires a lot of responsibility.

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