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Living in space is a big adjustment from living on Earth, from zero gravity to the way astronauts take showers. The area where the astronauts live is very small, with 3-7 people in every mission, so it’s crammed in their! In the living quarters there's no gravity, so the astronauts just float around carelessly. When they come back to Earth it takes a while to get used to because they do not have to use their muscles in space. As you can imagine, astronauts need a break at times, so even though they work hard they get the weekends off of work too! While in space astronauts have a big agenda of work. They do things like perform science experiments, release and take back satellites, and help assemble the space station. Astronauts also work on making medicines for humans, as some of the medicines we use were made in space! Before the International Space Station existed people could only stay in space for a few weeks, as the space shuttle cannot stay in space for longer than that. The astronauts work very hard in space, but also they must sleep! Astronauts can sleep in any direction because there is no up or down, but they must be tied in while they are sleeping so that they don't bump into something. One thing remains the same in space, people get hungry! Astronauts eat three meals a day, just like on Earth. Some foods are eaten normally, while other foods you have to add water. An oven is provided in space, but there is no refrigerator so food must be prepared properly. Food in space comes in packages just like Earth, and the packages help to keep it from floating away. Food amounts needed in space are similar to Earth; a small woman 1,900 calories a day, and a large man about 3,200 calories per day. Clothing that the astronauts will wear in space is chosen months in advance. In the space station clothing is worn for about 10 days before it is changed, or 3 days of exercise. In the space shuttle, clothes are changed daily. Outside of the space shuttle or rocket, astronauts wear space suits. The clothes that are worn in space get burnt when the rocket reenters the atmosphere. Taking care of your personal hygiene in space is very different than on Earth. Showering is done by using rinse less shampoo. The astronauts are allowed to bring their own products that they prefer to use, like toothpaste, shaving cream etc. When astronauts need to go to the bathroom they must be tied to the toilet, which has a vacuum to suck in the waste. Even though astronauts in space, they still get time to relax and do what they want too. The astronauts in space get weekends off just like on Earth. They can look out the window at Earth below, play games, watch movies, or talk to their families on Earth. In addition time is scheduled for astronauts to exercise in space too! Living in space would definitely take a while to get used to, but everything is planned out to astronauts get what they need!


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