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In space you float and soar in the dark light sky. There is no gravity so when living in space you swim around the rooms hoping you don't your head on the door way. You wash you cloths and do all the thing you would normally do. Astronauts still have to work out and exercise so that you muscles weaken. The living quarters in space are very small and astronauts all do a lot of things, like one might be eating while one is exercising and another might be sleeping. Yet the spaces could be crammed but living in space could be a lot of fun as well. When you go up into space you have to wear special clothes. You wear blue suits that are covered in coils. When an astronaut is going out into space they must wear a space suit. The suit is designed so that when your facing the sun one side of your body is hot and the other cold. So the suit is made so you can have constant heat or constant coldness on either side or your body without overheating or freezing. So depending where the astronauts are, the shuttle, space station, or on the outside of the shuttle you will have different clothing to wear. The main Idea for special cloths is for safety. One thing that astronauts need is food. There are many different foods that the astronauts can choose from. Like brownies, chicken, candy, fruit, nuts, beef, peanut butter, seafood, or even granola. There is also a wide variety of drinks that they can have as well like orange juice, lemonade, fruit punch, coffee, and even tea. The people who make sure that they have the food, know that they don't want to eat the same food and water all the time so they provide a wide variety for the astronauts to have a lot of what they like. Astronauts don't go up to space just for fun they must work. They do different experiments on different Earth items and other things. Also they do other things like launch satellites into space so the satellite can orbit Earth. Some people wouldn't think of this but the astronauts even do medical experiments in space. In the free time for fun astronauts sometimes do little experiments on toys they brought from home. So being an astronaut is a job but, they do have some free time to goof off. Normally US astronauts are up in space for months at a time and so they can't go without taking a shower. But they don't take one like you and I. They use special shampoo the was originally for hospital patients who can't get out of bed. The shampoo requires no water so they just put it in their hair and their done. They also brush their teeth and everything else we do hear on earth. When you are living in space you also have to consider sleeping. Astronauts have to strap themselves down to sleep. The sleep in sleeping bags and bunk beds that are either strapped to the wall or built into the shuttle or space station. In the videos and pictures we see when the astronauts are sleeping their arms float because their arms aren't strapped in and it looks kind of funny but strange at the same time. These facts show that when doing easy regular day things can be a lot more complicated in space.

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