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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Space? If you lived in space it would be a lot different from Earth, but some things would be the same. You wouldn't have very much room if you lived in space because they didn't make it for comfort. Also there is no gravity in space so you would be floating all the time. Food in space is different is sometimes different to! Some food can be eaten in it's natural form, but some you have to add water. The packets the food comes in are designed to be flexible, easier to use, and to maximize space in the shuttle. Some packets prevents food from floating away. The astronauts have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have ovens in the shuttle, but they do not have refrigerators. The astronauts have to be prepared to have to fix lots of things on the space shuttle so they have to train for many years. Mission Control monitors the space station 24/ 7. They do a lot of experiments while they are in space. They also do medical experiments. Astronauts check the support systems and cleaning filters too. The experiments they do helps us understand space. Sleeping in space is very strange because there is no gravity. Most astronauts sleep in sleeping bags and the arms float in up. Because there is no gravity they have to attach themselves to the wall, a seat, or a bunk. Just like on Earth the sleep at night and wake up to start their day. Living in space you would have to make an adjustment. You have to do a lot of training. You have to eat food that may be weird. And it might be a little uncomfortable, but it's worth it!

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