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Living in space is very different from living here on Earth. The biggest difference is that there is no gravity in space. Eating, clothing, and working in space can be difficult on the mission because of the loss of gravity. Astronauts have to get used to floating around, being strapped down to sleep, and having to go to the bathroom using a vacuum. In space, eating and drinking is relatively close to eating on Earth. Astronauts can eat most of their favorite foods bot with minor changes. For example, salt and pepper are in liquid form so what they would be eating would be a little bit wetter than usual. Water and things that they drink have to be adjusted, too. Many things have to be recycled so they purify their sweat and use it as water. It may seem unsanitary but it is a very practical way to get water that you can drink. While astronauts are in the space shuttle they usually wear normal outfits but with the NASA logo on them. They have no washing machine aboard the shuttle so they don't change clothes everyday. This is another way to conserve energy, time, and space. While the astronauts are on the launch pad they are wearing bright, puffy, orange space suits. The space suits protect them in case of an emergency during launch (gas leak, ice buildup, etc ). While they are working outside of the spaceship (in space) they are wearing big, puffy, white space suits that have oxygen tanks on the back of them. These suits are also designed to make the astronauts comfortable temperature wise. Space outfits are very reliable and efficient for the astronauts. Working in space is very technical. It takes years and years of training. Engineers are usually people that have the best chance to go on a space mission. While astronauts are in space they are usually repairing or building the International Space Station. Scientists are also chosen to go into space. They conduct experiments while they are up in space and then the results are used on Earth. Even medicines have been discovered in space! In conclusion, living in space is a lot different than living on Earth. Even when you go up for only short periods of time, it can be very difficult. Astronauts have to adjust to the food and the clothes and the work can be hard and challenging mostly because of the loss of gravity.

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