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Living in space is an adventure but there are also some consequences. Most astronauts live in a space quarters and there is not much room to move around, not counting the fact that there is no gravity and you float everywhere! Also you have to make sure everything is working right. The longest time you would be in space to orbit the moon would be six months.

Now you are probably wondering what would you eat when your in space anything? Well in any circumstance you are going to eat, And you usually eat the same things you would eat here on earth. In space you can't have crumbs no crumbs allowed! But you can have many other things like, mac and cheese, shrimp cocktail, beef, steak, rice, tea, pears, and many more. When they first used to go to space they would eat food out of something like toothpaste tube. Yuck! Can you imagine that! Luckily things have changed.

Aside from eating what about sleeping. In space you usually sleep in cramped beds or sleeping bags that strap you in. Sometimes your hands float up in the air and you really can't help it. It doesn’t sound very comfortable but there is no gravity and you have to sleep.

When you wake up in the morning what do you do? Well after a good nights sleep its time to go to work. In space there is a lot of work to do. Astronauts do many experiments. Their goal this mission(mission STS 133) is to bring there man-like robot to the space station. The robot is supposed to control the space station until later missions. Any way there is other things to do in space like maintenance, monitors, health, and much more!

Well as you see space is a real adventure no gravity, The Moon, weightlessness, and everything else! Also its a challenge the work and begging cramped so its a hard place to be. But in the end you are as happy as ever. So Now you know that to live in space is a hard but very fun job!
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