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I am going to tell you about things they do in the Space Station. Like what they eat and how they sleep. How they stay smelling like a daisy, how they brush there teeth things like that.

In space they get to eat most of the food they can eat here but it can't be to crumbly. They can drink most of the same drinks too. Some of the food they can eat normally are brownies and fruit.

One of the first questions people ask is how do the go to the bathroom? They go to the bathroom by strapping them selves to the toilet. They each have a special tube for urinating.

Their hygiene, they use shampoos that don't have to be rinsed out. For brushing their teeth it is just the same as if you were on the Earth. The way they shower is that they squirt the water on to them self and then vacuum it up.

The way they sleep is that they are in a sleeping bag most of the time then they are strapped in. So they don't float around and hit other people or the equipment.

30,000 people help make it possible to launch the space shuttle into space. They have to get the orbiter ready and the main engines on the orbiter that are used for lift off only. Then the external fuel tank has to be all in one piece with no cracks or it could explode. The solid rocket boosters are used more than once so they have to be in good shape. The last thing they need to do is to get the shuttle out to the launch area.

Those are some of the things they do in the space station and how they do it. How they eat, sleep, brush their teeth, and how they stay smelling fresh.
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