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Living in space can be hard. You only get to change cloths every three days. You can't eat anything crumbly. Your salt and pepper needs to be in liquid form. (Think about it, you cant SPRINKLE anything in a weightless area.) Although, living in space can also be kind of fun.

When in space, you work long hours. But you also get to have some fun. Astronauts love doing flips in space and looking out the window into the endless space. Some astronauts also like to see how some earth toys work in space. On any day, space workers are aloud to watch movies, play cards, read books, and talk to families.

Have you ever wondered how space worker sleep in space? How they don't fly away? The space station has two drawers that work as bunk beds. But, sometimes there are three astronauts there. So where does the third one sleep? He/she sleeps in a sleeping bag attached to a wall. The space shuttle has five bunk beds, though, because seven people usually stay in it.

Living in a weightless environment can be a perfect place for experiments. Space workers do experiments in space involving the weightlessness. They also make medicines that can only be made in space, and do medical experiments. They also do experiments with plants to see how to make them grow stronger. Also when up in space, they work on the space station and Hubble Telescope.

Space work isn't all work and no play. It also isn't all play and no work. Working in space can be very fun and interesting, but very few get to do it.
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