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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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I'm cold. No, I'm frozen. It is so cold that the ability to think logically has escaped my head. I feel like Jack Frost on steroids has me in a chokehold. But that's the depths of Antarctica for you. And it's probably the warmest it's been in 20 years. Thank God for global warming. But I have to move fast. Before I die out here, which I most surely will, I need to finish this. If I fail, monsters so horrible that the human brain cannot even comprehend will walk the Earth. Not monsters from hell, oh no – far worse.
I'm thirsty, but to bring water with me would have been useless, frozen before I even thought about drinking it. And the ice surrounding me doesn't help at all, that ice wouldn't melt if the whole world caught fire. And I'm far below the surface now. I take a last glance at my picture of Susannah, my beloved, and know without thinking that it would be the last time I ever see her face. Oh, well. Too late to turn back now. And with that thought, I entered an abyss.
No, not an abyss. THE Abyss. Much larger than the Tartarus of Greek mythology. This is truly a place of evil incarnate. The Abyss is so wide that you can't see the other end, and so deep you can't reach the bottom in a lifetime. Long ago, it had been covered by an immense layer of ice, miles high. But the monsters inside had been trying to break free since the beginning of time. And now, eons later, all that remained between all of the universe's evil and life as we know it was a cracked, inch thick sheet of ice.
I had been told to fix this!? I was given vague instructions and a chunk of ice the size of my fist, and I was supposed to save the world. No, save the universe. God help me, I prayed, if it ends now even you may not survive. Please save us. After my silent little prayer, I gazed at the sheet of ice and assessed the situation, one that could easily end in damnation for the entire universe. I drop my backpack, pulling a light blue, glittering chunk of ice, given to me by a servant of God – an archangel, to be exact. Someone who I suspected was His left hand man.
“Use this before the end,” he said in an oddly archaic voice, “It may be our only hope.
As I said earlier, thinking logically is nearly impossible in this cold. And I was nearly dead. The subzero ice caves were eating away at my strength – and fast. I had maybe an hour to live, if I was lucky. I sighed. I realized that, even though the sheet of ice was nearly broken, it would easily hold the weight of a human. After walking for a minute on the sheet of ice, I saw that, though there were many cracks in the ice, there were none that went completely through the sheet of ice, only scratches. The deepest crack was only about two centimeters. And suddenly it hit me.
This ice could hold back anything. So why had the monsters been able to tunnel through it? This ice represented pure good. But everything is flawed in some way. And the only way they could've made it this far was to use the one flaw, the tiny crack from the bottom to the top of the sheet of ice, as leverage for tunneling through it. The flaw was there from the very beginning.
And then I ran. Even though my strength was failing, I was possessed with an unearthly need to finish this task. After twenty minutes of sprinting, I reached the middle of the ice. And there was a fist sized hole with hellish sounds coming from it, unnervingly close. I slammed the chunk of ice into the hole, extremely dizzy. I thought of Susannah the moment before I collapsed. Then everything went black. I hoped it was enough.
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