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Dear Parents,

In math class we just finished learning about module 1. There were many things we learned about in module one, like how to make a frequency table. To learn how to make one we also learned experimental probability and theoretical probability. By doing this we pulled a product out of a bag a certain amount of times then we organized the data into a frequency table. We made our project colorful and interesting and hung them up in the hall.

That's not all we did in this module, we also learned about patterns. This part of class changed my outlook on patterns. This is not just the patterns you do in kindergarden with pattern blocks the is way more complicated . It is more like what order it goes up in and what way it goes up. There are so many different way to look at a pattern and it is not easy to cover them all, but when you finish the worksheet you really feel accomplished.

There is so much I have learned in this module that it is extremly hard to cover in a single writing. The system was simple and easy to learn and relate to. I did some of these math topics in sixth grade but little did I know that there was so much more to them. This topic was interesting and fun to learn, I hope all the math modules are like this one.

From trca
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